Crystal Clear Collection

The "Crystal Clear" collection is a line of blue light lens glasses—a perfect blend of style and eye protection. With advanced blue light filtering technology, the lenses provide a shield against digital eye strain. This collection prioritizes a visual experience that is  comfortable without compromising on clarity. Beyond protection, these glasses exemplify personalized care. The blue light lens glasses are designed to support prescription, subject to your optometrist's discretion, offering a tailored solution for those seeking both vision correction and digital eye strain relief. Elevate your eyewear with the perfect blend of fashion and functionality from our "Crystal Clear" collection.

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LORVAE is an idealization of our founder’s passion for sunglasses. After years of collecting various shades, De’arra felt compelled to create a brand that encapsulates her adoration for sunglasses. With the help of a strong female led-team, LORVAE was born.

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